Clubs & Networks

Benchmarking Clubs and Performance Networks are critical paths to improving performance and performance measurement, delivering a basis for comparing performance and offering access to best practice by others.

We offer software and specialist administration services as needed to the following Clubs and Networks:

  • Internal Clubs – comparing performance within an organisation
  • Supply Chain Clubs – comparing performance between suppliers
  • Peer Group Clubs – comparing performance of similar organisations

Our Club software provides club members with a way to submit their data for comparison on a regular basis, and ensures that consistent performance measurement is delivered. Data anonymity can be set as required by users.

Our Clubs and Networks can assist organisations with the following areas:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Public Satisfaction
  • Supplier Performance
  • Contract Performance
  • Supplier Management
  • Contract Management
  • Staff
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • SHE
  • Good Practice
  • Asset Management Performance
  • CQC (Cost Quality & Customer)
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Benchmarking
  • Project Management

If you’d like to find out more about our Club & Network services, please get in touch here.