Our eContrack software delivers web-enabled Benchmarking and Performance Measurement programmes at your fingertips.

The suite of eContrack software provides all the tools necessary to create and manage shared performance databases, whilst capturing all performance data in one place, for ease of access and reporting within an organisation.

Our eContrack software can be used to measure, monitor and compare performance within organisational departments, across different supply chains, within different peer groups, or a combination of the above.

Our unique and bespoke eContrack software can assist in the following areas:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • 360 degree Supply Chain
  • Safety Certification (SHE)
  • Supplier Incident Reporting
  • Supplier Capacity Reporting
  • Carbon Reporting (Supplier/Client)
  • Staff Appraisal Management
  • Site HSE reporting
  • Payment Tracker
  • Issue Tracker
  • Critical Supplier Details
  • Regional Business Unit Benchmarking
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Site Inspection
  • Site Audit
  • Incident/Accident Reporting
  • FM Service Levels (Office Services)
  • Peer group Benchmarking
  • Project/Work Activity Performance
  • Sales & Marketing (B2B)
  • Income Projection
  • Medical Self Certification
  • Staff Capability
  • Housing Maintenance/Supplier Performance
  • Supplier Chain Management
  • Housing Asset Management (KPIs)
  • Project Management
  • Project Dashboard
  • Procurement Management
  • Housing Maintenance (Decent Homes)
  • Supplier Approval
  • Staff ID Cards
  • Gas Audits (Android)
  • Environmental Audits (Carbon Footprint)
  • Toolbox Talks (Staff Briefings)
  • Contract Performance Management
  • CQC (Cost Quality & Customer)
  • Public Satisfaction
  • Pre/Post-Occupancy Surveys

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