Measuring Framework Performance

M2i is the market leading provider of performance measurement systems for Framework contracts in the construction sector, providing a complete service to develop and implement a measurement process that is tailored to individual client needs.

M2I’s provides;

  • A fully configured measurement system to run your measurement model
  • Tools to capture and report performance data, using m2i’s market leading ‘eContrack’ software
  • On-site support through m2i’s ‘Managed Services’ to ensure the process runs smoothly  

m2i’s implementation team will provide each client with their own performance measurement database configured to their needs and ready for use. The client’s eContrack database can be linked to a purpose made Framework performance website if required

m2i’s eContrack software is configured to capture the performance measures that comprise your measurement model as part of the implementation process. 

eContrack provides all the tools necessary to automate the collection of the required performance measures from all appropriate stakeholders on a regular basis throughout the life of the Framework, capturing performance data from individual projects or parcels of work as required. 

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eContrack’s reporting tools aggregating performance to produce high level performance assessments, Project and Framework KPI’s that can be used to measure progress and outturn performance. Standard performance reporting, including dashboards, can be distributed automatically to the appropriate stakeholders at regular intervals.

The m2i team will develop a suite of Management Reporting, to each individual client’s needs as part of implementation. This reporting is reviewed and refined at regular intervals, as a part of Managed Services. 

Direct on-site support – Managed Services

M2i’s Managed Services provide practical help and experience to kick start new processes and ensure that once up and running they run smoothly thereafter.

Managed Services are tailored to needs of each individual client but typically include the following;

Support during Implementation - focusing on the practical issues associated with implementing new systems, to establish and embed the processes and help ensure regular and accurate data collection and timely reporting of results.

On-going Management - providing direct management to drive measurement and ensures everyone involved in the process remains engaged and the necessary data is collected and reported regularly and in a timely manner.

Database Management –including data validation, database administration, updating configuration, adding/amending users and monitoring activity levels.

Reporting & Analysis - defining, developing and delivering management reporting at appropriate intervals to provide the necessary stimulus to drive improvement in performance.  

Benefits of using m2i

M2i offers a complete end-to-end service solution that is tailored to the individual needs of each client

Contract pi uses the market leading web-based software tool, eContrack, to simplify and streamline the capture of data and the provision of management reporting and analysis.

M2i Managed Services ensure the measurement process is properly established and that it runs smoothly on an on-going basis

M2i is a tried and trusted service provider and an established market leader in the provision of performance measurement systems.

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