Data Capture

How we deal with the information we capture

We offer a broad range of Survey and Inspection Services for clients, designed to increase data returns, as well as simplifying the data capture process. We deliver this as managed services by m2i, or data capture options for clients to self-manage.

Our flexible data collection approach enables us to provide a variety of data capture methods and tools which can be used as appropriate – and all supported by our unique eContrack software programmes.

Our clients prefer the following data capture by survey options:

  • Pull Surveys Online – gives clients total control, as you determine the data you want to collect, when you want to capture it, and from which parties.
  • eContrack oversees the scoring process, sending ‘Email Scoring Requests’ to nominated assessors, as well as sending automated email reminders.
  • Assessors click an embedded URL link in the email to access their online scorecard. This process can be measured with automated repeat scoring exercises – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly as required by the client.

This form of data capture is ideal for:

  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Supplier Assessments
  • Project Performance
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluations
  • Framework Performance

Push Surveys Online – this form of data capture is suited to the scorer who decides when to provide information.

eContrack’s ScoreLink functionality allows data capture from any party wishing to provide it – public feedback, safety reporting, staff suggestions, and more.

eContrack ScoreLink is so flexible it can be embedded into a website, logo, image, software application or email. Clicking the link creates an automated scorecard, allowing the scorer to enter their data.

eContrack ScoreLink access can be restricted with a login and password if required.

Examples of these types of surveys for data capture include Safety Health & Environmental (SHE) Inspections, Resident Satisfaction Surveys, Patient Surveys, and Client/User/Supplier Feedback.

Face-to-face interviews – using a tablet or smartphone for data capture with m2i Anywhere enables you to run our full eContrack system whilst you’re out of the office. All that’s needed is a web browser on a tablet or smartphone.

Simple to operate and with no complicated software installation needed, m2i Anywhere is designed to take full advantage of the latest mobile computing technology.

This would prove the perfect solution, for example, when running a face-to-face Resident Satisfaction Survey, conducted by the Contractor on site.

Postal & Telephone Surveys – results are uploaded onto the eContrack database, making them quickly and easily accessible for you.

An example recently was m2i administering National Highways & Transport Public Satisfaction Surveys, with data collected by MORI.

The captured data was then imported to Econtrack for Analysis & Reporting: find out more here.

Data Import – we also provide a reporting and analysis service, taking data captured by a third party and placing it on an eContrack database for further analysis by a client.

If you’d like to find out more about our Data Capture services, please get in touch here

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