activ.SHEQ – Skills & Training

activ.SHEQ - Skills & Training

Your Most Important Resourceis Your People

Maintain a central register of all the people you use, together with details of their skills and any training they have undergone. You can also hold details of their core competencies, qualifications, details of the projects they have worked on and their performance on those projects. Track the expiry of accreditations and use workflow to reduce the administrative burden in managing this information. Use the reporting tool to match people to requirements and availability.


Customize the information you hold

Define the information you hold for each person

Identify the skills, qualifications, competencies and accreditations you need to record

Allocate people to projects and track their performance

Upload photos, certificates etc.


Use workflow to reduce administration

Use Triggers & Alerts to ensure all required information is captured

Track the expiry/renewal of accreditations and qualifications

Capture performance information on individuals against projects


Comprehensive reporting tool that allows you to analyse all information

Define your own reports and control who has access

Develop dashboards including maps, graphs, gauges, dials, datasheets and crosstabs

Output reports on screen or pdf, word, csv formats


Start small and extend later

Can always add more skills, qualifications, competencies and accreditations as you go

Can cater for high numbers of people, projects etc.

Define and capture additional data as required

Extend reporting and analysis as appropriate


activ.SHEQ is low risk, tried and tested and comes with a full support package to give you complete peace of mind:

Installation, configuration, and IT support issues covered

Configured to your needs, including data capture and reporting

Hosted on our servers with full back-up and disaster recovery

Help desk available during normal office hours

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Our prime focus is to help our clients identify those areas where they can improve their performance.  We do this by measuring their business processes and monitoring their procedural compliance.

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Maintain a central register of all the people you use, together with details of their skills and any training they have undergone.

Identify hazards/works task lists, apply them to activity (projects) & maintain a working risk register. Ensure risk assessments are carried out

Management software; manages all aspects of your safety, health, environmental & quality operations, proactive and reactive, with full reporting and analysis of all your SHEQ data.