On-lineSurvey Solution

Our on-line survey solution, activ.Survey lets you set up your questionnaire on-line, selecting from a range of answer formats from tick boxes to radio buttons, Yes/No to a full range of options e.g. Very Satisfied to Very dissatisfied or any combination you may want to choose including comment boxes.


activ.Survey leaves you in control, you can customise your questionnaires and alter them to meet your changing needs

Define your own question and answer formats

Questionnaires answerable on any device; smart phone, tablet, desktop

Respondents can add comments to support their answers

You decide whether to use ‘Push’ or ‘Pull’ methods of data capture

Analyse your data using comprehensive reporting tools

Complete control over who can see the results of your survey


activ.Survey takes away the arduous task of managing your survey by automating many of the things that take up so much of your time and ensuring they are actioned in a timely fashion;

Prompts data submission and data updates with email requests

Automatic alerts can be configured to let you know when someone responds

Reminders can automatically be sent to non-respondents

Set ‘Alerts’ to notify exceptional or very poor results as they occur and ‘triggers’ to record corrective actions


activ.Survey provides a tabular set of results allowing you to analyse your data, focus on your strengths and address your weaknesses to improve your performance;

Define your own reports, make them public or private

Develop Dashboards, Maps, Graphs, Gauges, Dials, Datasheets and Crosstabs

Output reports on screen or pdf, word, csv formats.

Drill down reporting with runtime selection criteria

Save reports to Library for future use


activ.Survey is designed to meet any measurement need, you can start simply and expand later as required:

More complex templates can be designed by measure2improve

We can include questions that require a formula to generate an answer

Answers can be weighted if required

Capture additional data as required

Define additional reports, which can be pulled together in a dashboard


activ.Survey is low risk, tried and tested and comes with a full support package to give you complete peace of mind:

Installation, configuration, and IT support issues covered

Configured to your needs, including data capture and reporting

Hosted on our servers with full back-up and disaster recovery

Help desk available during normal office hours

See what we can do in 1 minute.

Our prime focus is to help businesses to focus on benchmarking their commercial activities using performance measurement. We do this by capturing, analysing and publishing performance data.

Site based audit & inspection software; transforms processes and replaces paper-based forms using a dynamic App, with instant reports including photos and comparative data analysis.