Supply ChainAssessment Software

Software that supports the on-going assessment of supplier capability, capacity and performance, providing a robust basis for choosing the best companies for future work. Establishes a supplier register including the type and value of work undertaken, geographic coverage, certified schemes, insurance details and much more. Collates supplier performance data over time, comparing it with target and within peer groups identifying best performing suppliers.


activ.Supplier leaves you in control, you can adapt it as your needs change;

Runs on any device; smart phone, tablet, desktop

Define the data you want to capture on your suppliers, all types supported

Enter comments and attach photos

Analyse your data and define your own reporting

Control user access and the visibility of data


activ.Supplier takes away the pain by automating your processes;

Prompts data submission and data updates with email requests

Automatic reminders if no data entered

Performs background calculations on your data to derive performance scores

Create schedules to distribute library reports automatically to specified email addresses

Set conditional ‘Alerts’ and ‘Triggers’ to automatically issue emails and maintain data


activ.Supplier provides a comprehensive reporting tool that allows you to analyse your supplier data and focus on the most capable and best performers;

Define your own reports and control who has access

Develop Dashboards, Maps, Graphs, Gauges, Dials, Datasheets and Crosstabs

Output reports on screen or pdf, word, csv formats

Drill down reporting with runtime selection criteria

Save reports to Library for future use


activ.Supplier is designed to meet any Supplier assessment need, you can start simply and expand later as required:

Measure your preferred partners or extend to others

Add more users as you need to

Define and capture additional data as required

Extend performance measures as appropriate

Define additional reports as you need them


activ.Supplier is low risk, tried and tested and comes with a full support package to give you complete peace of mind:

Installation, configuration, and IT support issues covered

Configured to your needs, including data capture and reporting

Hosted on our servers with full back-up and disaster recovery

Help desk available during normal office hours

See what activ.Supplier can do in 1 minute

Our prime focus is to help our clients identify those areas where they can improve their performance.  We do this by measuring their business processes and monitoring their procedural compliance.

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Supplier management software; creates and maintains an approved supplier register, monitors supplier capability, capacity and performance as a basis for future procurement decisions.

Specialist benchmarking software; captures, analyses and compares performance data with the best in class, across your organization, up and down your supply chain or within your peer group.

KPI management software; supports definable qualitative and quantitative performance measures, active data collection and full comparative reporting and analysis, including dashboards.