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Surveys, Audits & Inspections

Surveys, Audits & Inspections.

measure2improve are experts in on-line surveys, site inspections and compliance audits. Offering powerful, flexible and user-friendly software, to streamline your existing processes, simplify data capture, automate report production and distribution, and analyse your data, identifying trends and prompting corrective actions.

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Our eContrack software delivers web-enabled Benchmarking and Performance Measurement programmes at your fingertips.

Responsive views

User Friendly and accessible

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Results dynamically driven

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Your data simplified and delivered

Optimised and ready to go

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Data at your fingertips

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Site Inspection and Audit Software
Software that transforms your paper-based audit and inspection forms and processes and faithfully recreates them within a mobile application to aid compliance, reduce risk and eliminate paperwork. Conduct your site inspections and audits on any smart phone or tablet, include pictures and rich media and create easy to read, professional looking reports which are distributed automatically and stored online for fast and easy access. Includes a powerful suite of reporting and analysis tools to identify strengths and weaknesses and observe trends over time.
ActivInspection leaves you in control, you can customise your inspections and audits and change them to meet your needs as they change over time
• Define your own on-line forms
• Data capture driven by pick list menu
• Findings represented in tick-box categories for ease of analysis
• Add comments to support your findings
• Accessible on any device; smart phone, tablet, desktop
• Carry out inspections without the need for signal or wi-fi connection
• Add photos, included in reported output
• Analyse your data using comprehensive reporting tools
• Complete control over visibility of results
ActivInspection takes away the arduous task of managing your Inspection and Audit process by automating many of the things that take up so much of your time and ensuring they are actioned in a timely fashion;
• Schedule Inspection programme
• Reminders emailed when inspections due.
• Set ‘Alerts’ to notify exceptional or very poor results as they occur and ‘triggers’ to record corrective actions.
• Data uploads automatically once a signal is available
ActivInspection provides a tabular set of results allowing you to analyse your data, focus on your strengths and address your weaknesses to improve your performance;
• Define your own reports, make them public or private
• Summarise your results or report in full detail
• All reporting options supported: Maps, Graphs, Gauges, Dials, Datasheets and Crosstabs
• Combine your reports into Dashboards
• Access reports on the screen or output them in pdf, word, csv formats.
• Focus your analysis with selection criteria, users pick when report is run.
• Save reports to Library for future use.
• Publish Library reports as ‘reportlinks’ (URL’s), click to run
ActivInspection is designed to meet any site inspection need, you can start simply and expand later as required:
• Add further inspection forms
• Capture additional data as required
• Add more users as you need to.
• Define additional reports, which can be pulled together in a dashboard.
ActivInspection is low risk, tried and tested and easy to use
• Fully set up to meet your needs
• Configurable by you as your needs change
• Hosted on our servers with full back-up and disaster recovery.
• UK based Help desk available during normal office hours