The team at measure2improve are very approachable, easy to work with and respond to any questions incredibly quickly. m2i.SHEQ is also a great visibility tool for Mears Group and there is an environmental benefit due to the lack of paper generated.

Mears Group

Mears Group plc is a housing and social care provider. It repairs and maintains over 700,000 social homes across the UK.

The brief

Mears Group PLC work with over 1,000 sub contractors, all of who must have up to date health and safety documents, insurance documents, compliance certificates etc to be considered for sub contractor work. Managing this information for all our 18 branches would be nigh on impossible without a central, browser based system that worked in ‘real time.’ 

What we did

The m2i.SHEQ software has been in place for a number of years and has grown and adapted to our needs. The software auto generates notifications for our sub contractors 4 weeks prior to renewals automatically with links to upload what is required.  It stores essential documents securely, creates reports and can be filtered by region, sub contractor category (i.e. brick layers in Gloucester) etc so that Mears Group only work with the best sub contractors that comply with regulations and our stipulations. No compliance = no sub contractor!

The outcome

The time and resources saving that measure2improve have brought to the Group have been and will continue to be, invaluable. For example, if one of our branches needs a certain piece of work commissioning for housing or facilities maintenance in a certain geographic area; at the press of a button SHEQ will source the sub contractor options who meet all our SHEQ requirements.

Get in touch to so we can give you a demo

Our m2i.SHEQ software will transform the way your company processes your health and safety data. One of our team would be delighted to show you how our system works and how it will improve your company's reporting.

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