m2i.SHEQ Dashboard Screen Shots

Explore the m2i.SHEQ system through organised screenshots, showcasing its user-friendly Menu Pages, detailed Data Capture Forms, comprehensive Individual Reports, and insightful Dashboard Analysis.

Menu Pages

m2iSHEQ has individual Menu pages the different Role Groups it supports. Screen shots shown below are for the following Role Groups; Site Team, SHE Team, QA Team and Procurement Team. Each Menu page provides options for the different functionality available to each group.

Data Inputs

m2iSHEQ provides data capture forms that are simple to use. The screenshots below provide example data capture forms for the following: Inspections, Safety Events (Accident/Incidents), Site Returns and Subcontractor Performance.

Individual Reports

m2i.SHEQ provides reports to show details of individual records held in the system. The screen shots below show examples of the reports provided for the following: Safety Inspections, Quality Audits and Safety Events.

Dashboard Reports

m2i.SHEQ offers dashboard-style analytical reporting for summarising operational data and exploring it in detail. These screenshots showcase health and safety performance insights, emphasising trends and improvement areas

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