The team at m2i are always friendly and approachable. Their system is fully customisable for our needs and gives amazing reporting in real-time. We used to dedicate large amounts of time to working within excel and Access and we can now manage multiple projects geographically. m2i are vital for the management of our projects.


SCF is a bold joint venture between Devon County Council and Hampshire County Council. It offers efficient construction, residential and consultancy frameworks for public sector organisations.

The brief

SCF needed a management system to manage  their construction (SCF Construct), residential (SCF Residential) and consultancy (SCF Consult) frameworks for public sector organisations. They needed a system that would track and record their users (subcontractors) through the project management process from start to finish to ensure that they get maximum value and benefits.

What we did

Previously working with the Microsoft Access database management system, Hampshire and Devon County Council have been Using m2i to support their users through the project management and procurement process. m2iactiv provides the framework to log, manage and report on vast amounts of data such as tracking sub contractors, monitoring performance, benchmarking and budget management when running multiple projects. 

The outcome

The management software facilitates the extraction and evaluation of our project data providing prompts and alerts in real-time. The system keeps all parties informed and facilitates tracking on multiple touch points. This means that elements like time, costs, materials and planning are all monitored for performance evaluation from contractors to clients.


Get in touch to so we can give you a demo

Our m2i.SHEQ software will transform the way your company processes your health and safety data. One of our team would be delighted to show you how our system works and how it will improve your company's reporting.

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