The introduction of measure2improve’s m2i.SHEQ system has completely transformed our business operations.

Stonebridge Homes

Stonebridge Homes build and sell family homes in the Yorkshire region, and offer high specification serviced office space. Stonebridge Homes joined the m2i family back in March 2021 and the initial implementation of m2i.SHEQ took just 3 months to tackle inspections and incidents.

The brief

The primary focus for the business was a system that is easy to use. The introduction of the m2i.SHEQ system has positively transformed our business operations, reporting, auditing and access to key Health and Safety information allowing for easy real time remote access by all persons within the company.

What we did

We have just rolled out Subcontractor Onboarding and Document Management as an expansion of their SHEQ implementation (our comprehensive health & safety solution with data capture, workflow and management reporting).

The outcome

The ability to streamline and standardise processes together with ‘press of a button’ reporting has delivered immediate benefits.

Get in touch to so we can give you a demo

Our active.SHEQ software will transform the way your company processes your health and safety data. One of our team would be delighted to show you how our system works and how it will improve your company's reporting.

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