The introduction of measure2improve’s m2i.SHEQ system has completely transformed our business operations.

Stonebridge Homes

Stonebridge Homes build and sell family homes in the Yorkshire region, and offer high specification serviced office space. Stonebridge Homes joined the m2i family back in March 2021 and the initial implementation of m2i.SHEQ took just 3 months to tackle inspections and incidents.

The brief

Stonebridge approached m2i as the compnay wanted to  modernise their health and safety inspection process. Historically, the company had been conducting Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) inspections and advisory inspections using paper forms, with the data being manually entered on site and then complied into an Excel spreadsheet.

They were clear that the new system should be easy to use (user friendly regardless of competency levels), accessible to use anywhere ideally without downloading any software. To be able to contact management of any critical issues and produce real time reporting. The solution should all offer value for money. They also needed a solution to be up and running within a short timeframe.

What we did

To fully demonstrate and showcase the capabilities of the m2i system, we implemented a complmentory trial of m2i.SHEQ which was fully branded and tailored to Stonebridge’s unique requirements. We integrated a selection of their specific inspections into the trial system to provide a realistic and relevant evaluation environment.

The m2i.SHEQ system, known for its agile and flexible nature, was perfectly suited to meet Stonebridge’s immediate and long-term needs. We prioritised the implementation of key features such as the SHE Inspection and Near Miss Inspection process. These were designed not only to digitise and automate their existing processes but also to enhance them with additional functionalities.

We have just rolled out Subcontractor Onboarding and Document Management as an expansion of their SHEQ implementation (our comprehensive health & safety solution with data capture, workflow and management reporting).

The outcome

The transition from a paper-based system to the m2i.SHEQ solution marked a big step forward for Stonebridge’s SHE and advisory inspections. By eliminating a manual data entry and Excel-based process, the efficiency and data accuracy were significantly enhanced. The m2i.SHEQ system interface proved to be very user-friendly for individuals at all competency levels within Stonebridge. Being cloud-based allowed for accessibility from any location without the need for software downloads, aligning perfectly with Stonebridge’s demand for a flexible and convenient solution.

Critical to the success of the system was the integrated workflow that enabled immediate communication of critical issues to the management team. This capability ensured prompt issue resolution and informed decision-making, supported by the real-time reporting feature of the advanced dashboards. These dashboards provided comprehensive and up-to-date insights, facilitating informed decisions and strategic planning.

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