Customer Satisfaction 

measure2improve provide solutions to easily and comprehensively monitor customer satisfaction. 

We run what is probably the biggest annual customer satisfaction survey in the country (the National Highways & Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey) which has over 50 million responses from nearly 500,000 members of the public to date. Many of our clients monitor customer satisfaction as one of the key measures in their performance measurement frameworks implemented using m2i systems.  

We also have dedicated customer satisfaction products for Legal firms (Law League), Accountants (Accountancy Quality Index) and Care Homes (care2improve). 

You can define your own questions to measure customer satisfaction and invite responses in a number of ways:

  • Pre-defined answers (e.g. excellent, good, average, poor, very poor)
  • Use 1 to 10 style scores (e.g. for net promoter style measures)
  • Use graphic images (e.g. Smiley faces)
  • Numbers, currency vales and dates/times
  • Free format text (e.g. invite suggestions for improvement)

We offer both anonymous and attributed scorecards – use whichever suits you best and obtains the best responses. 

Our real-time and dynamic dashboards allow you to analyse your information in easy to understand graphs and tables (all with drill down capability).

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The flexibility of our solutions allow you to change what you measure and report on at any time. 

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